Join the Zucker Institute on April 17th for a special event celebrating innovation, sponsored by Riverside Law. We’ll announce various innovation award winners, recognize the prestigious National Academy of Inventors fellow & inductees, and present patent plaques. Refreshments will be provided.

Drug Discovery Building Lobby, 70 President St, Charleston, SC 29425 — 3:30PM

Drug Discovery Building Lobby- 70 President St, Charleston, SC 2942


The Medical University of South Carolina and MUSC Health offers resources that allow our faculty, students, and staff to develop mobile applications that can greatly impact patients, families, students, and the communities we serve. It is our desire to develop mobile applications that contribute to the betterment of healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions regarding our resources and support for researchers. Below are some frequently asked questions to provide you with the insights you need.

At the Zucker Institute, we offer a plethora of resources to support researchers in their innovative endeavors. This includes access to: funding opportunities, mentorship from experienced professionals, and a collaborative environment to foster idea exchange and development. Additionally, we provide assistance in intellectual property management and commercialization to help transform your innovations into viable solutions that can make a real-world impact.
The Zucker Institute for Innovation Commercialization accelerates the commercialization of healthcare and life sciences innovations by providing a comprehensive suite of services. These include initial assessments of commercial viability, intellectual property support, market research, funding assistance, business planning, mentorship, prototyping resources, regulatory guidance, and post-launch support. Our integrated approach aims to transform promising ideas into successful, market-ready products that positively impact healthcare and society
Industry collaboration is a cornerstone of our approach to innovation. At Zucker Institute, we facilitate partnerships between researchers and industry professionals to drive forward innovative solutions. We offer various collaborative opportunities including joint research projects, licensing agreements, and technology transfer initiatives. Through these partnerships, we aim to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative solutions, while providing mutual benefits for both the researchers and industry partners involved.
We warmly welcome inventors and entrepreneurs to join our innovative ecosystem. Whether you have an idea that you wish to develop or are looking to contribute your entrepreneurial skills to existing projects, there are numerous opportunities for involvement. You can start by reaching out to our team to discuss your interests and learn more about the resources and support available. Additionally, we regularly host events, workshops, and networking sessions to engage with the broader community of innovators and entrepreneurs at Zucker Institute.

Let’s work together to create a better future

Let’s join hands to foster a culture of innovation that propels forward not just the medical field, but society as a whole. Reach out to us to explore how we can collaborate to make a positive difference.
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